Mission Statement

The Granite Bay High Boosters Association (Association) is a tax exempt nonprofit corporation formed under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, established to benefit students attending Granite Bay High School (GBHS) by raising and contributing funds to be used for GBHS activities, academics, athletics and arts.

The principal purpose of the Association is to facilitate and support fundraising activities which support GBHS students and programs by:

  1. Obtaining and maintaining “charitable organization” exempt status for federal and state taxes purposes (so that contributions made to the Association and its Clubs will be tax deductible by the Donor):
  2. Establishing and maintaining a master calendar of fundraising activities to avoid conflicts between various fundraising and community events;
  3. Maintaining dedicated accounts for each Club to receive earmarked donations for that Club and to facilitate certain categories of expenditures which cannot be handled through an appropriate Associated Student Body (ASB) account;
  4. Provide an umbrella fundraising organization to help defray the expense of worthwhile GBHS activities which are not sufficiently supported by a Club and to organize major and long-term fundraising actives which may benefit GBHS as a whole (i.e. construction of a permanent snack bar).
  5. Recruit and organize parent and community volunteers to provide support and assistance in connection with Various GBHS activities and programs.
  6. Provide Insurance coverage for sponsored, approved, and master calendared events.

Donations to the Association and our clubs are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 68-0371114.

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October General Booster MeetingTuesday, October 25th at 7PM - In-person and Online

We will be hosting our normal booster meeting Tuesday, October 25th at 7PM both in-person at the school library and online via Teams.  We look forward to seeing you.

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